Monday, June 22, 2009

Enjit-enjit Semut, Siape Sakit Naik Atas

Semalam abu bagi satu link video. Ingatkan video ape. Lagu zaman kanak-kanak dulu rupenye. Moh kite same hayati lagunye.

Enjit-enjit semut, Siape sakit naik atas

Enjit-enjit semut, Siape sakit naik atas

Enjit-enjit semut, Siape sakit naik atas

Enjit-enjit semut, Siape sakit naik atas

You may have burger, We have ketupat

You may have Bruce Lee, We have Hang Jebat

You have playstation, We fly wau bulan

You ride dragon boat oi oi, We ride our sampan

You have your Ah Lian, We have our Minah

You wear your sari, They wear kebaya

Friendly and pretty, Sexy dasyatnya

No need for flowers oi oi, Crazy for vespa

Soccer and guitar, It is in our blood

We sing at void deck, Sorry if to loud

We don’t mean no harm, We share happiness

Do not hesitate oi oi, Come down and join us

Some say we laid back, Some don’t understand

Listen I explain, We have masterplan

We don’t aim this world, We aim hereafter

Working hard all day oi oi, Relax one corner

Humble and modest, We like it simple

Slowly but surely, No need to struggle

This short song I sing, For you to ponder

If you disagree oi oi, See who live longer

Coming from kampung, Peaceful and stress-free

Sopan and adat, Takes priority

Gotong and royong, One big family

Peaceful and loving oi oi, That’s malay to me


Kalau ikut lagu ni, macam ni lah orang Melayu. Tapi cube kite fikirkan bersame. masih begitukah kite sebagai orang Melayu?


*Thanks to abu for the video


anak manjoi on June 22, 2009 at 11:10 PM said...

lagu feberet mike nih,.. hahaha,...

~ anakmanjoi =P

ili aqilah on June 24, 2009 at 4:35 AM said...

setahun lalu sidah pun kutemui video ini...
kau mmg ketinggalan zaman la.

sah leceyh!

Que90 on June 24, 2009 at 8:15 AM said...

tau lama dah...
org da 2thn jumpe...
skang br ade idea nk wat post...

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